door with the Guinness lable (Photo: Louis Hansel, Unsplash)
05 November 2020

Guinness rolls out 0.0 stout

United Kingdom | Irish brewer Guinness has become the latest to offer a non-alcoholic pint, announcing the release of its first ever non-alcoholic stout, Guinness 0.0.

The new beer from Dublin’s St James’s Gate brewery went on sale in the UK on 26 October 2020. It can be found on the selves of supermarket chains Waitrose and Morrison’s. Initially, it will only be available in 440 ml cans – with a recommended retail price of between GBP 3.50 and GBP 4.50 (USD 4.60 – USD 5.90) for a 4-pack. It will be rolled out to other supermarkets and off-licences before hitting pubs in the spring of next year as a draught beer.

Guinness said that the development has taken four years, but that the beer is brewed to the regular process with the traditional ingredients of water, barley, hops and yeast. The alcohol is then removed by using cold filtration, which Guinness said better protects the integrity of the stout’s taste and character than thermal processes.


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