25 August 2021

BestBrewChallenge 2021: Winners announced

Simultaneous brew | Brewers from around the world faced the challenge to brew a light wheat beer with an alcohol content of less than 3.5 % vol. (5.0-5.5 % vol. Is typical for this beer type) simultaneously – with similar grain bills in different countries and time zones, using at least 20 % BEST Heidelberg Wheat malt. Wheat beers must have a total of at least 50 % wheat malt. A light wheat beer should have an alcohol content < 3.5 %.

A total of 204 people registered for the competition. 145 beer creations were sent in, tasted and judged by a professional jury. “This is a new record and more than we expected considering the widespread pandemic fatigue,” said Dr. Axel Göhler, who initiated the competition in 2015 as managing director of Palatia Malz GmbH.

Tomas Sirtautas comes from the western part of Lithuania and has already won the main prize in a major Lithuanian brewing competition in 2019 under the label “Relaxed Man”. Nevertheless, winning the BestBrewChallenge 2021 was a big surprise for him: “I almost fell off my chair when I found out!” he explains. According to the expert jury the beer creation with the name “Mischievous Wind” won first place, because it encompassed all the aromas that a light wheat beer should have: banana, a hint of clove and light acidity. The beer was also convincing due to its bubbly and creative implementation.

Jan Mordhorst from Seevetal is also no stranger to the German craft beer scene. In 2019 he was runner-up in the Maisel brewery competition. For the BestBrewChallenge, the passionate brewer of hoppy beers ventured into completely new territory: “It was my first wheat beer, so I was quite excited to see the result myself. The challenge with a maximum of 3.5 % alcohol was a lot of fun,” said Mordhorst. The jury praised his beer creation with the name “Endless Summer” for the nutty smell and taste as well as the general harmonious impression.

The third and fourth places were also taken by two Lithuanians: Arūnas Pimpė and Vladimir Šumilovas (both from Vilnius). Lutz Hoppe from Bad Hersfeld (Germany) came in fifth.

The conditions for the BestBrewChallenge 2022 are expected to be announced at the end of the year.

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