12 April 2024

Doemens Water Sommelier training now in Spanish

Gräfelfing | The national and international Water Sommelier training programme is an established part of Doemens Academy based in Gräfelfing, Germany. The international courses, held in English, are particularly popular. However, there are also many people from Spanish-speaking countries interested in these course. And, of course, the question often arises whether Doemens could also offer a Water Sommelier course in Spanish. From 9–20 September 2024, Rosa Elena Pita Coelho will be leading the “Sommelier de Agua” course at Doemens for the first time with ideal training conditions.

As a graduate Water Sommelier and a chemical engineer with many years of professional experience in the water sector, Rosa Elena Pita Coelho has excellent knowledge of all aspects of water. She is supported – especially in the sensory tastings – by Dr Peter Schropp, who has been in charge of all water sommelier activities since the start.

„Personally and professionally, it will be enriching in every way, both for me and for each participant. Being able to share experiences with people from different countries, various backgrounds, cultures and experiences, united by a common passion, is invaluable. Water gives us an opportunity to establish a positive synergy and to apply the principle: the whole is more than just the sum of its parts", emphasizes Rosa Pita Coelho.

Rosa Elena Pita Coelho and Dr Peter Schropp, Doemens Academy (Photo: Doemens)

For further information and registration visit https://doemens.org/en/savour-sensory/water-sommelier/sommelier-de-agua/.

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