Cilene Saorin
07 March 2024

Biersommelier Course in Spanish

Premiere | For the first time, a Doemens Biersommelier course will be held in Spanish in Gräfelfing near Munich, Germany. From May 27th to June 7th, 2024, Doemens’ long-standing partner in beer sommelier training in South America and the Iberian Peninsula, Cilene Saorin, will be responsible for the course with the support of Doemens experts. In this interview, Cilene Saorin reveals what the participants can expect.

The national and international Doemens Biersommelier course is a fixed and established part of the Doemens Academy. Please describe the background to the Doemens Biersommelier course being held in Spanish for the first time in Germany.

Cilene Saorin: The pioneering ‘Doemens Biersommelier Course’ was born from the visionary ideas of Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, former Doemens CEO, in Germany in 2004. In 2008, his saga caught up with me when I finally accepted his invitation to expand this education project across countries in Latin America and Iberian Peninsula. I started in Brazil, for obvious reasons (I am a Brazilian). This journey has been absolutely rewarding and challenging. Of course, it would not be an easy task: a mix of “confetti and tomatoes.” An endless process of building skills, patience, and resilience.

Please describe some achievements along the last 15 years.

Saorin: There are a few to mention:

  • Present in 7 countries: Brazil (starting in 2010), Spain and Mexico (starting in 2015), Argentina and Portugal (starting in 2016), Chile (starting in 2017) and Paraguay (starting in 2019);
  • more than 150 editions of the ‘Doemens Biersommelier’ course in Portuguese and Spanish languages;
  • more than 4000 beer sommeliers graduated from Doemens in Latin America and Iberian Peninsula region.

Looking back to this long journey, I still breathe my purpose and values aligned with this beautiful education project. So now, after the challenges faced during the last few years, the ‘Doemens Biersommelier Course’ in Spanish and Portuguese languages enters in a new phase being offered at Doemens headquarters in Germany.

Why is the two-week training course being held at Doemens in Munich?

Saorin: Because of the strategical location and the impeccable infrastructure of the Doemens headquarters in Germany.

You have been a partner of beer sommelier training in South America and the Iberian Peninsula for years. What invigorating elements can you already promise participants for the course at Doemens?

Saorin: Since right there in 2008, this education project has been very important to me, because it generates impact and transformation in the professional lives of many people around Latin America and Iberian Peninsula. I just want to keep going forward – there is room for more people. Strong ethical, technical, and pedagogical alignments are developed during the course.

What arguments would you use to persuade interested people from South America to travel to Europe to complete the two-week beer sommelier training course?

Saorin: Doemens is a centenary beer school with reputation and recognition worldwide. The ‘Doemens Biersommelier Course’ simply has launched this new profession globally from 2004 on. Thousands of beer sommeliers graduated by Doemens in many different languages work in a wide range of occupations collaborating to the evolution of their businesses. There is a huge expertise and network involved.

What are your expectations for the Doemens Biersommelier course in May/June 2024?

Saorin: To meet and to interact with a really nice group of people who want to study and discuss holistically the different aspects around a glass of beer. To have a great time of engagement and joy. Anyone interested can contact me at .

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