17 February 2023

Many contestants in the Brazilian Beer Competition

Promising outlook | The 11th edition of the Brazilian Beer Competition will take place from 6–8 March 2023 in Blumenau, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. 4,085 samples (12 % more than last time) have been entered by 565 breweries from 25 Brazilian states – the largest participation in the history of the event. The Brazilian Beer Competition is organized by the Blumenauense Association of Tourism, Events and Culture (ABLUTEC).

“We have established ourselves as a world reference, quite an achievement for our country, given such representation”, Develon da Rocha, president of ABLUTEC, is delighted to say. According to Juliana Oliveira, general coordinator of the competition, “now we are in practically the entire country, with a record number of subscribers”.

The samples will be judged at the Don Concept Hall, while the award ceremony will take place in sector 3 of Parque Vila Germânica during the Brazilian Beer Festival, which also features the first International Conference of Beer Contests, the delivery of the Brazilian Beer Commendation, the International Beer Congress and the Brazilian Beer Fair.

New this year is the cooperation with other international contests. The best beers of the show will have free registration at the Brussels Beer Challenge in Belgium, and at the European Beer Star in Germany. In addition, the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Italian Grape Ale and Sour Italian Grape Ale categories will have free registration at the Italian Grape Ale world competition in Italy. "An unprecedented exchange of knowledge and dissemination", says Rocha.

Further information is available on the website of the semana da cerveja brasileira and on the event's social networks.

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