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Planet Earth (Photo: New York Public Library, Unsplash)
09 March 2021

IBD/BFBi: Environmental webinar

Zero carbon brewing | The Southern Section of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and BFBi are holding an environmental webinar on “Saving the planet one grain at a time. Progress towards Zero Carbon Brewing and Distilling industries” on 22nd April 2021 (World Earth Day). Attendance will be free of charge.

The purpose of the event is to engage with all alcoholic beverage producers and their supply chain by bringing interested and committed industry professionals and environmental scientists together across the whole brewing and distilling supply chain; sharing best industry practice across industry platforms; highlighting successes achieved in reducing carbon footprint; discussing gaps between what is required to achieve carbon neutral products; and exploring new technologies.

Participants will be able to explore topics like “Malt: Embedded sustainability to protect your brand” (Muntons: Dr Nigel Davis); “A programme in Sustainable Brewing” (Good Things Brewing Co: Chris Drummond) or “Hero to Zero – Reflections on the Journey to a ‘Net Zero’ Gin” (Good Business: Giles Gibbons). There will be opportunities to engage in a Q&A.