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11 March 2022

Brewers back Europe’s Beating Cancer plan

The Brewers of Europe supports Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the overall stance taken by the European Parliament in its opinion adopted this evening (February 16), advocating a comprehensive approach to cancer that includes prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

When it comes to alcohol policy, MEPs voted for an approach that focuses the EU’s prevention efforts on tackling harmful consumption and protecting minors. The Brewers of Europe support this.

The Brewers of Europe also applauds the Parliament’s astuteness in amending the report before the final vote, through a cross-party initiative to balance the need to support sports clubs, teams and communities with a recommendation to limit alcohol advertising and sponsorship at sports events targeted at minors.

In its final plenary debate, many Members of the European Parliament from across the different political groups focused on the need to understand and follow the science. While the approved opinion focuses on beating cancer, alcohol policies must be holistically conceived and take into account the link between different drinking patterns, all health conditions, the varying outcomes and the overall health impact.

Beer is a fermented, low alcohol beverage that can fit within a balanced diet and sustainable lifestyle when consumed responsibly by a healthy adult. It is crucial to recognise the role lower alcohol beverages can play in the EU’s objective of achieving a 10% reduction by 2025 in the harmful use of alcohol.

The Brewers of Europe stands ready to engage in a constructive dialogue with policymakers on any specific policy proposals, reviewing them in light of scientific evidence and the need for an effective, balanced, consistent and proportionate approach to reducing harmful alcohol consumption.